The Only Transformation Challenge Of Its Kind To Test And Transform Yourself Against Yourself, Making You The Best Version Of You. 
January 28th-March 10th.
The Me Vs Me PR challenge is very simple and unique... Day one we take your starting weight, measurements, photos and perform a "baseline" test. Throughout the transformation challenge, each week we work on improving core basics, improving fundamentals, and gain consistency and improved capacity. 

At the end of the transformation challenge, we re-take all weights, measurements, photos and re-test baseline and SUPRISE YOURSELF with your new skills, improved fitness and drop in body fat, weight loss, and toning and tightening throughout your whole body. 

You're 100% set up to win because you'll improve. 
Improve your strength.
Improve your movements.
Improve your relationship with food.
Improve your mindset and belief in yourself.
Improve your habits and consistency.
Improve your health and fitness.
Improve the way your body looks and feels.
Improve the way you look in the mirror.
($75 AFTER JAN 25TH)
What Will YOU Be Improving Each Week:
  • NUTRITION PRINCIPLES: Each week we will be stacking principles, skills, and lessons together to help you elevate your nutrition game and KNOW and actually DO nutrition that's effective FOR YOU!
  • STRENGTH AND MOVEMENT SKILL: Each week we will be doing a private skill and movement training session just for those in the challenge. This specialized training session is designed to work on the specific skills, movements, and more needed to increase your strength, coordination, stamina and make your baseline retest feel easier than you ever thought possible.
  •  MINDSET AND HABIT FORMATION: One key to transformation is the mindset and the ability to build habits. Both will be specifically worked on each week through skills, tactics, and protocols that overhaul your mindset while helping you create, build and secure new habits that WORK FOR YOUR GOALS.
How The Me VS Me Pr Challenge works
(And how thousands have already succeeded this way)
Unlike typical weight loss challenges with the only goal of losing weight (with no focus on keeping it off or learning skills that maintain the goal) the Me Vs Me challenge is all about PERSONAL IMPROVEMENT. It doesn't matter what anyone else started at, just how you've improved from your start. We put together specialized groups to help ensure you have the support, encouragement, tools, tactics and action items to achieve your goals, be the best you and SET NEW PR'S!
($75 AFTER JAN 25TH)
6 Things You Can Expect:
  •   Take the power back - when it comes to your energy, by improving your nutrition, improving your bodies ability to recover and even improving your sleep!
  •   High level support and accountability from the Grit coaches, as well as the other participants of the Me Vs Me Challenge.
  •   Feel successful each day - through the implementation of success strategies and principles that make becoming the best you fun, entertaining and engaging. 
  •   Spend only 3-5 hours a week following a specifically - results designed program so you have more free time and spend less time at the gym. 
  •   Learn the correct portions, quantities, and actions you need to take consistently to achieve your desired outcomes short and long term (this means you'll achieve your results AND KEEP THEM!)
  •   See drops in your body weight, drop pounds of unwanted body fat and shrink the inches on your hips, stomach, arms and more!
($75 AFTER JAN 25TH)
What is the Me VS Me Pr Challenge?
The Me VS Me PR challenge is a 6 week challenge focused on and intentionally designed to put YOU against YOURSELF. Starting Jan 28th with your baseline workout, measurements and photos and then spending 6 weeks (each week improving key fundamentals, skills and more) improving all aspects until March 10th when you go HEAD TO HEAD against the old you (from Jan 28th) and see how much you've improved in 6 weeks, including overall weight loss, body fat composition changes, improvements in strength, conditioning and more!
Is the challenge only for those with gym experience?
The Me VS Me PR challenge is for all levels, all skills and all goals. This is because the challenge is a competition against yourself, so no matter what level, starting point or goal you have, you will be able to see phenominal results while achieving new PR'S and things that were previously impossible. 
Where is the challenge being held?
The challenge takes place at our gym Grit City Fitness and Performance, as well as in our private online coaching groups, in person training sessions at our gym and via web videos that can be watched/listened to anywhere!
Why should I join the challenge vs keep doing what I am doing?
The reason is simple. Nothing gets us committed to something more than a little "skin in the game". This helps keep you more motivated and focused. The other reason this is better than doing what you're doing is that each and every week you'll be improving in core areas that help you achieve your results faster and better than what you are currently doing. While doing it on your own may work, doing it with us and others will exponentially increase your results. 
Do I need to be a member of Grit City Fitness and Performance/ I was a member in the past?
This challenge is available to anybody and by participating in it you will become a member of Grit City Fitness and Performance for the duration of the challenge. 
What if I cant make the scheduled initial baseline day or ending re-test day? 
Dont worry! We know people have things on their schedule that cant be moved or changed. Because of this, if you're unable to attend the initial session or re-test session, you'll be able to schedule a makeup appointment to be able to do it at a time that works for you. 
Other than the registration fee - $59 ($75 after Jan 25th) are there any other fees?
For current Grit City Fitness and Performance Members - No. After the initial registration there are no other fees, unless you want to add in any supplemental coaching, supplements, programs or more - which are all optional and up to you!

If you're not currently a Grit City Fitness and Performance member, you will select the "membership add on" on the submission page which will give you 6 weeks of unlimited Grit City Team Training Membership + Bonuses for the duration of the challenge, all for only $150 additional ($210 total for Non- Members).
($75 AFTER JAN 25TH)